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picture We are an independent partnership dedicated to sustainable development, participatory democracy and creativity. We work through design, music, higher education, research and writing. Our latest work is listed below.
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Musicsustainable communities
spacerDiane Warburton has authored a chapter on sustainable communities in Tomorrow’s Communities. Lessons for Community-based Transformation in the Age of Global Crises, Policy Press, July 2021.

Musicsound tracks
spacerA series of music tracks for films that do not exist. They are all original soundtracks composed, performed and produced by Nigel Ordish (aka Fairman) and will be freely distributed under our Creative Commons licence.
SP sealevaluating public dialogue
spacerDiane is advising the Wellcome Trust on evaluating their Drug Resistant Infections (DRI) Responsive Dialogues programme being piloted in Thailand and Malawi.

Compasspromoting participatory working
spacerCore member of Compass Group on Participatory Techniques and co-author of Participation at 45. Techniques for Citizen-led Change, Compass February 2020.
Sciencewisepublic dialogue to improve policy making in science
spacerDiane is Senior Evaluation Consultant to Sciencewise – the UK Government’s programme to support deliberative public dialogue around science and technology.

video projectsvideo shorts
spacerA series of video shorts is being created and produced by Nigel. They will be freely shared under our Creative Commons licence. 


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