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principles and policies
Shared Practice is an independent partnership dedicated to sustainable development, participatory democracy and creativity.
We aim to work collaboratively with commissioners, funders, external partners and associates, while retaining independence and integrity.
We also aim to work to the highest standards of openness, honesty and transparency. The partners belong to the relevant professional bodies including the Musicians' Union, Equity and the Performing Rights Society.

spacerWe chose our structure of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to reflect our values of personal responsibility and fairness. We therefore chose a structure which was designed not to minimise tax contributions or create a capital asset, but rather to operate as a non-profit distributing organisation.

Sharing and copyright
spacerWhenever possible we aim to make our work free to copy, share, distribute and transmit providing the original author(s) and Shared Practice are credited, and the material is not used for commercial purposes. While we retain the copyright, this sharing of our work is subject to our Creative Commons Licence.

You are welcome to ask for permission to use this work for purposes other than those covered by the licence.

Content on the web changes rapidly. In 2010 we agreed to let the Brtish Library Archive our site so it is preserved and publicly available for current and future research and reference.

spacerWe are committed to making our site accessible to everyone, so we have designed it to run without the need to have additional software (eg plug-ins) installed on your computer, and just using a reasonably up to date browser. In this way, we have also designed our site to use minimal resources to run, limiting picture file sizes, choice of fonts, use of animations, etc. with an aim to be as environmentally responsible as possible. In most browsers you can make pages larger via a View option.

For more information on accessibility guidelines and recommendations see the Web Accessibility Initaitive and the W3C Content Accessibility Guidelines.

If you have any particular problems in using our site, or would like help with finding information, please dont hesitate to contact us.
spacerWe have developed social and environmental policies that reflect our values which include policies on environmental impacts, corporate social responsibility, equal opportunities, health and safety, and quality assurance.

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