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Shared Practice was founded in 2002 as a Limited Liability Partnership to work co-operatively as a non-profit distributing organisation.
Diane Warburton and Nigel Ordish are the co-founders and senior partners of Shared Practice, with a diverse range of skills and experience. We also work with numerous associates who bring specialist skills to suit the scale and scope of different projects.
Diane Warburton BAHons
spacer Diane works mainly on research and evaluation projects, publishing findings, analysis and commentary for a wide variety of audiences including academic and professional, Government departments and agencies, national and international NGOs and the general public through work for BBC Radio 4 and Channel 4 television. She is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Brighton and a founding Trustee of Involve. More...
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Nigel Ordish MDesRCA
spacer Nigel works mainly on creative projects involving his specialist disciplines of product design and music composition. He has designed for a wide range of international clients, from UNICEF to IBM, and has extensive experience in design education including as a Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art and as Head of School of 3D Design at Kingston University. More...
He has written and performed music for television, radio and theatre, and now continues to compose and produce music and videos. More...
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