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spacerHere are a few short videos created and produced by Shared Practice all with original soundtracks composed by Nigel Ordish.

The quality and character of images and sounds in these examples demonstrates the changing audio and visual technologies over some decades (eg from analogue to digital).

The range of video shorts is to be updated with more recent examples shortly.
Celestial fireworks (2019)

The music soundtrack for this short video was composed, arranged and recorded by Nigel Ordish for a competition organised by Spitfire Audio, London. The competition required a soundtrack to be written for a short video by the North American Space Agency (NASA), and was limited to only using Spitfire Audio's LABS choir for the composition.

Centre Point (2015)

A short video featuring London's Centre Point tower before its conversion to luxury flats in 2015.

The tower was designed by Richard Seifert & Partners (George Marsh) and opened in 1966 as one of the tallest buildings in London. By 1974 as the tower was still empty it had come to symbolise controversial speculative development, an issue further politicised through campaigners occupying the building in protest at London's increasing homelessness.

Using an extensive range of still photographs by Mike Dye of aspects of the tower before its latest conversion, Nigel Ordish created and produced the video and original soundtrack.

The Broads (2014)

This video short combines extracts from a family cine film made in 1964 with a new soundtrack by Nigel Ordish composed fifty years later. The montage features the Broads, a low-lying region in eastern England of bogs and marshy lakes interconnected by shallow rivers and streams. Once thought to be a landscape of natural features, in the 1960s these were shown to have been formed over centuries by the flooding of Medieval peat excavations by rising sea levels.

Even though the quality of the original cine film is poor, the video aims to give a brief impression of an area with a very special allure of light, space, fun and imagination.

Edinburgh Inside Out (1984/2015)

This is the title sequence for 'Edinburgh Inside Out', an arts documentary co-devised by The Joeys for Channel 4 televisionto feature a range of performers appearing at the 1984 Edinburgh Festival including the ANC choir, Salvatore Accardo and Yo Yo Ma, as well as interviews with Eduardo Paulozzi, Bill Forsyth and members of the local community.

The Joeys (Bernie Evans, Chris Eymard, Robert Llewellyn and Nigel Ordish) presented the documentary through a number of fictional characters. Nigel also wrote the title and incidental music, which he recorded at the Red Shop Studios in London. The 1984 video tape recording was in a poor condition so Nigel salvaged what he could of the original images and soundtrack to re-create this vintage introductory sequence in 2015.

Soundtrack composition for it2i2 DVD
Robert Llewellyn Productions

Robert Llewellyn, widely known as the actor playing Kryten in the television comedy series Red Dwarf, commissioned Nigel Ordish of Shared Practice to compose and realise a music soundtrack for a new comedy documentary he was writing, it2i2.

Nigel and Robert had previously worked professionally together for some years in the alternative comedy theatre group the Joeys, along with Bernie Evans, Graham Allum and Chris Eymard. During the 1980s the Joeys wrote and performed over a thousand theatre shows, as well as many special recordings for radio and television.

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