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principles and policies
Shared Practice is an independent partnership dedicated to sustainable development, participatory democracy and creative endeavour.
We aim to work collaboratively with commissioners, funders, external partners and associates, while retaining independence and integrity.
We also aim to work to the highest standards of openness, honesty and transparency. The partners belong to the relevant professional bodies including the UK Evaluation Society, the Social Research Association, the Musicians' Union, Equity and the Performing Rights Society.

spacerWe chose our structure of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to reflect our values of personal responsibility and fairness. We therefore chose a structure which was not designed to minimise tax contributions or create a capital asset

spacerWhenever possible we aim to make our work free to copy, share, distribute and transmit providing the original author(s) and Shared Practice are credited, and the material is not used for commercial purposes. Therefore, unless shown otherwise, we generally licence the use of our work through a specific Creative Commons Licence.

Approved suppliers
spacerShared Practice is an approved supplier under the Government's Framework agreement for External Engagement and Facilitation (RM1710), under Lot 6 - Evaluation. Shared Practice is one of only two organisations on this part of the framework, which remains the main focus for government commissioning of work on public and stakeholder engagement.

spacerWe have developed social and environmental policies that reflect our values which include policies on environmental impacts, corporate social responsibility, equal opportunities, health and safety, and quality assurance.

policy Corporate social responsibility policy
policy Environmental policy
policy Equal opportunities policy
policy Health and safety policy
policy Quality assurance policy
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