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Shared Practice current and recent projects

Current and recent projects include work in the following areas:
• pathways through participation
• public dialogue in science and technology
• sustainable design research
• measuring the costs and benefits of public participation
• evaluating national public consultations on energy
• local action towards sustainable living
• video, composition and architecture

Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre
Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) / AEA (2008-15)
Evaluation Manager for Sciencewise-ERC, which promotes public dialogue to improve policy making involving science and technology issues. Diane Warburton is leading work on the evaluation of all Sciencewise-ERC funded dialogue projects and identifying good practice and impacts across the programme. See www.sciencewise.org.uk

Evaluation of Generic Design Assessment (GDA) consultation
Environment Agency (2009-2011)

Shared Practice was commissioned to undertake an independent evaluation of this public and stakeholder consultation on the reactor design options for new nuclear power stations. The evaluation assessed whether the consultation had met its objectives and standards of good practice, and identified lessons for future public and stakeholder engagement.

Pathways through participation
NCVO, IVR and Involve / Big Lottery Fund (2009-2011)

A major national research project led by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) in partnership with the Institute for Volunteering Research (IVR) and Involve (with Diane Warburton of Shared Practice). Research indentified three categories of participation - social, public and individual - which were examined in three different contexts (suburban Enfield, rural Suffolk and inner city Leeds), involving over 100 in-depth interviews.

Evaluation of LWEC Citizens' Advisory Forum
Living with Environmental Change / Sciencewise-ERC (2010-2011)

Evaluation of the establishment and activity of the Citizens' Advisory Forum set up by the Living with Environmental Change partnership to provide a space in which members of the public could deliberate on climate change issues such as flooding, adaptation and wider governance and decision making processes. The Forum was designed to test a low-cost approach to public dialogue on complex national issues.

Evaluation of national civil nuclear power consultation
Dept. of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (2007-2009)

Evaluation of the public and stakeholder consultation on the future of civil nuclear power in the UK. The consultation involved over 4,000 public and stakeholder participants in written and online responses and over 30 events around the UK. The report of the evaluation was published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change in October 2009.

Design for sustainability
University College Falmouth (2008-2011)

External Examiner of the BA Hons 3D Design for Sustainability course at University College Falmouth. The course emphasises social and environmental as much as aesthetic and technical factors through its programme.

The future of design in education
Vienna Design Week / University of Applied Arts (2008)

Nigel Ordish was invited to discuss the development of design teaching in Austria as part of the open event programme for Vienna Design Week 2008. Other panellists included: Gerald Bast (Rector of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna), Irmgard Bebe (Kulturkontakt consultant),Brigitte Jank (President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce), James Skone (Director of Education at the University) and Professor Michael Freund (Chair).

Community Learning and Action for Sustainable Living
WWF UK (2005-2008)

Co-developer, and then evaluator, of a three year Defra Environmental Action Fund-funded project to develop and test a methodology for working with community groups on sustainable living. Initial literature review published in 2007; full evaluation report published 2008. See www.wwf.org.uk/localmatters

Principles for deliberative public engagement
National Consumer Council / Involve (2007-2008)

Development and drafting of principles for the effective practice of deliberative public engagement in decision making - a distinctive and increasingly important approach to deeper public engagement. The guidelines were produced through enagagement with stakeholders including government departments, local government bodies, academics, NGOs and practitioners.

Evaluating the National Lottery fair share programme
Big Lottery Fund (2004-2009)

Member of evaluation team for five-year evaluation of the UK-wide fair share programme, designed to reach geographical areas that had not previously had their fair share of Lottery funds (generally disadvantaged areas). Specific responsibility for evaluation methodology (including developing indicators) and the South Lanarkshire case study.

Evaluating NDA Stakeholder Engagement
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (2007-2010)

Evaluation over three years of the programme of national and site specific stakeholder engagement in the work of the NDA. The NDA has responsibility for decommissioning 20 civil public sector nuclear sites and disposal of radioactive waste. The engagement work was managed by 3KQ and Dialogue by Design.

Social science in flood risk management research
Environment Agency / Defra (2007-2008)

Development of a strategy to increase the role of social science in research and development projects in flood and coastal erosion risk management. With Clare Twigger-Ross of Collingwood Environmental Planning. Final report published.

Evaluating public dialogue on future energy research
Research Councils UK (2007-2008)

Evaluation of the Research Council's UK national public dialogue exercise to elicit and understand the public's priorities for energy research, informing the Research Councils' strategic decision making. The dialogue process was undertaken by Ipsos MORI. Full evaluation report (and summary) published 2008.

APaNGO (Advisory, Participation and NGOs in Planning)
Town and Country Planning Association (2006-2008)

Co-ordinator and author of research reports for APaNGO project to test and disseminate innovative methods of community participation in regional planning across North West Europe. Final report published in November 2007.

Training in evaluating public engagement
Consultation Institute / Involve (2007-2008)

Development of a new course in evaluating public engagement, taking participants through the basic principles of engagement and providing models for effective evaluation.

Evaluation of ScienceHorizons
Dialogue by Design/DIUS (2006-2008)

Evaluation of public engagement processes (led by Dialogue by Design) to consider the implications of new developments in science and technology. The engagement includes in depth deliberative workshops, facilitated events by science centres, informal group meetings and an interactive website. The project was funded through the ScienceWise-ERC programme. See www.sciencehorizons.org.uk

Evaluation of DrugsFutures
Academy of Medical Sciences (2008)

Evaluation of major national public engagement in the AMS project on brain science, addiction and drugs co-funded by Sciencewise-ERC. The engagement (run by OPM) included outreach events and workshops in five locations around the UK, a two-session Brainbox event for more detailed deliberation, and a web-based consultation.

Evaluation of Climate Change public summit
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (2007)

Evaluation of a Defra public engagement process to help government design policy to maximise positive individual behaviour on climate change. The process (run by Opinion Leader) included regional workshops and a national summit of 150 public participants.

Evaluation of hybrids public consultation
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (2007)

Evaluation of the HFEA public consultation on the ethical and social implications of creating human / animal embryos for use in research. The engagement (run by Opinion Leader) was the largest of its type run by the Authority at the time, and was part-funded through the Sciencewise-ERC programme.

Evaluation of Tidal Power consultation
Sustainable Development Commission (2007)

Evaluation of the SDC's public and stakeholder engagement process on tidal power in the UK. The engagement (run by Opinion Leader and The Environment Council) included workshops in Scotland, Bristol and Cardiff where the main proposals for tidal power were focused.

Framework for evaluating public engagement by central government
Department of Constitutional Affairs / Involve (2005-2007)

Development of an evaluation framework for public and stakeholder engagement in central government, to enable learning from experience across government. The project resulted in published guidance called Making a Difference.

The role of learning architectures in developing good practice
Environment Agency (2006-2007)

Research (with Sustainable Futures) to develop recommendations for new structures and methods to progress learning in and across the 50 poorest quality local environments in England and Wales.

Bösendorfer Piano Design Award
Bösendorfer, Egger (2006)

Nigel Ordish was Chair of jury for an international competition to design a grand piano or related acoustic space. Exhibition of winning entries from March 2006 at the Design Forum, Museum Quarter, Vienna.

Thinking about the future
New Design University, Austria (2006)

First in a lecture series examining some of the key issues that face design practice and education in Europe.

International Symposium on Sustainability and Contemporary Art
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary (2006)

Keynote presentation on the context of sustainable development, to open discussion on the challenge sustainability brings to contemporary artistic practice, and the contribution of art to sustainability.


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