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Shared Practice

is an independent partnership dedicated to sustainable development, participatory democracy and creative endeavour. Our aim is to innovate, question and consolidate through work involving research, evaluation and writing, design, music and higher education.

Our recent work includes:
public deliberation on climate change issues
Our evaluation of a Citizens' Advisory Forum to deliberate environmental change is now published.

pathways through participation
Our partnership in a major national research project on people's stories of participation throughout their lives, funded by Big Lottery Fund, has been completed.

approval to supply evaluation services
Shared Practice has been chosen as one of two companies to join the Government Procurement Service framework for evaluating public engagement.

video shorts
We are beginning to launch a series of video montages covering aspects of the constructed environment featuring original music soundtracks.

public dialogue to improve policy making in science
Diane Warburton has been re-appointed Evaluation Manager for the Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre.

nine principles for deliberative public engagement
We drafted these principles, which were produced through a major national collaborative process and published by Involve and the National Consumer Council.

Open access. Some rights reserved. 2014
We encourage the circulation of our work as widely as possible, and users are welcome to freely share, copy, distribute and transmit this work, subject to the conditions set out in the Creative Commons open access licence, which you can read at: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/uk/ In all cases, the licence requires that the author and Shared Practice are credited and the work is only used for non-commercial purposes.
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